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Warehouse Safety API

Warehouses, construction sites, and factories are some of the highest-risk sectors for workers. Workplace injuries cost a staggering $250B annually around the world.

PPE compliance
Ergonomics monitoring
Floor spills segmentation
PIT vehicle speeding
Falls detection

Empowering these use cases

Never be blocked by lack of data. Build computer vision models for these use cases (and more!).

PPE Detection

Automatically identify if workers are missing PPE items, like hard hats or safety vests.

Spills Detection

Build AI models to detect hazardous spills in real-time and alert cleanup crews.

Ergonomics Monitoring

Evaluate if workers are lifting with good or bad form and provide coaching to prevent injuries.

Vehicle Monitoring

Track speeding vehicles and know where vehicles are located at all times.

Falls Detection

Detect falls and send immediate help to the fallen person.

Inventory Assessment

Automatically monitor inventory in a warehouse using computer vision.

Data that meets your exact specs

Rare events are rare. Safety incidents like falls, lack of PPE, spills, and speeding vehicles are challenging to find in real-world datasets. Generate rare data at the click of a button using the Infinity API.

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Pixel-perfect labels included

Every synthetic video includes pixel-perfect labels including 2D/3D keypoints, bounding boxes, cuboids, segmentation masks, depth, activity classes, and much more.


Build better models faster with feature-rich synthetic data from the Warehouse Safety APIs.

Digital wardrobe

Generate synthetic training data that enables automatic detection of whether workers are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) items like hard hats, safety vests, eye/ear protection and more.

Import specific brands of PPE or pick from the Infinity wardrobe. Synthetic videos will have segmentation and bounding box labels around PPE items or other clothing items from the digital wardrobe.

Procedural spills

Generate videos of spills of any shape, material and size. Spills take on the lighting and reflections from the environment.

Get pixel-perfect segmentation masks of the spill, floor, and surroundings. Pick warehouse scenes from the Infinity library or import your own using the Infinity Auto-Import tool.

Bring your own image

Use a specific camera view from your use case. Any regular 2D image can be imported into 3D simulation such that the scene has perspective and shadows. Learn more

Use-case specific data is especially useful when models must be kept small (like in edge deployment) or to address failure cases.

Import any movement

Import a specific movement into the API by using the Infinity Auto-Import tool. Simply upload a regular RGB video and extract its 3D motion. Learn more

Once in the API, the motion trajectory can be applied to any avatar in any location. Kinematic variation is automatically added by the Infinity platform.

Add procedural objects and vehicles

Add static or dynamic objects to the scenes such as tools, palettes, warehouse vehicles, and more. Use the API to define vehicle trajectories and speeds that are considered safe and unsafe.

Import your own objects using the Infinity Auto-Import tool or choose from the Infinity library.


Make synthetic data your competitive edge

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