Synthetic data for fitness

VisionFit API

Computer vision is revolutionizing the world of remote fitness and remote physical therapy by bringing AI-powered trainers to our homes.

2D and 3D pose estimation
Rep counting
Form correction
Person segmentation
Activity classification
Dumbbell detection

Empowering these use cases

Never be blocked by lack of data. Build computer vision models for these use cases (and more!).

Rep counting

Automatically count reps across a variety of exercises by training against perfect per-frame rep labels in the synthetic data.

Form correction

Detect when users are performing exercises with good or bad form and provide coaching tips as needed.

2D and 3D pose estimation

Train accurate pose models for an arbitrary number of keypoints using synthetic data.

Person segmentation

Automatically segment the person from their environment for interesting real-time visualizations.

Activity detection

Detect if someone is taking a break or actively doing a specific exercise.

Dumbbell detection

Automatically detect if dumbbells are being used and what their weights are.

Synthetic data.
Real results.

Synthetic data makes it easier for engineers to build vision-based products in remote fitness and PT. Designed to look like real-world videos collected by remote exercise companies, the synthetic videos seamlessly integrate into existing pipelines.

Lifelike reps

Each rep is done slightly differently. Just like a real human. From cadence variation to varying kinematic trajectories, no two reps are ever done exactly the same way.

Any movement or object

Import any motion from a regular video using the Infinity Auto-import Tool. Turn one video into hundreds of similar synthetic videos.

Generate data in realistic 3D rooms with a wide range of lighting conditions and clutter. Get complex shadow patterns, backlit avatars, and diverse furniture layouts.

Infinite environments

Give everyone a great home fitness experience. Pick skin-tight or baggy clothing from the Infinity Digital Wardrobe. Generate data across skin tones, body types, and genders. Build equitable and fair ML models using synthetic data.

Pixel-perfect labels included

Every video comes with a rich set of pixel-perfect annotations, including ones that are not available by human labelers (like depth maps and per-frame rep counts).

Standard labels include 2D/3D keypoints, camera matrices, avatar characteristics, segmentation masks, bounding boxes, and more.


Build better models faster with feature-rich synthetic data from the Fitness APIs.

Lifelike rep behavior

Each rep is done slightly differently. Just like a real human. Seed movements are based on real-world movement data in order to model the unique intricacies of movement and produce realistic and robust training data.

Furthermore, the API gives users the ability to add vast amounts of movement variation. From cadence variation to movement truncations, no two reps are done exactly the same way.

Any lighting condition

Pick from a library of realistic 3D indoor environments or import your own. For each scene, control the lighting conditions and camera position so that videos have varied and realistic shadows. Indoor and outdoor lighting conditions can be controlled separately.

Occlusion and clutter

Real-world remote fitness scenes are typically people in small spaces with lots of furniture and objects around them. Mimic realistic occlusions in the synthetic data via the API occlusion parameter (0-60% of the avatar). Let the API select random objects, pick specific ones from the Infinity library, or import your own.

Toggle an API parameter to turn a scene from neat to messy by adding household clutter. Stress test your models since clutter typically makes CV problems more challenging.

Digital wardrobe

Generate synthetic training data of avatars with diverse body shapes, skin tones, and clothing. Pick skin-tight or baggy clothing from the Infinity wardrobe. Control the amount of bagginess in an item of clothing using the API.

Synthetic videos will have segmentation and bounding box labels around clothing items, in addition to perfect keypoint annotations for the joint positions underneath.

Import any exercise

Import a specific exercise into the API by using the Infinity Auto-import tool. Simply upload a regular RGB video and extract its 3D motion. Once in the API, the motion trajectory can be applied to any avatar in any location. Kinematic variation is automatically added by the Infinity platform. Learn more


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