The Infinity API

Infinite data at your fingertips. The API gives you the ability to generate perfectly-labeled synthetic videos with just a few keystrokes. Generate a single video in real-time or an entire dataset overnight.

Data on demand

Every element of a scene - from camera location to motion trajectories to objects and wardrobes - is parameterized. The API gives explicit control of input parameters so that you can procedurally generate data that meets your specs.

Test hypotheses on the fly

Generate a video with just a few lines of code. Every video comes with pixel-perfect labels, including 2D/3D keypoints, depth maps, scene metadata, and much more. Make progress faster with synthetic data and the Infinity API.

The ultimate data augmentation

Use the API to move the camera position, change the avatar appearance, or set a different kinematic trajectory in a scene. Synthetic data is the ultimate form of data augmentation. Characterize your models by analyzing model performance as a function of camera position or lighting condition.

Define your data distributions

Configure your datasets by specifying distributions of any parameter. Balance imbalance classes. Address the long tail of rare and corner cases.

Generate datasets overnight

The API has a robust cloud-based infrastructure with auto-scaling. Submit jobs overnight and get your dataset the next morning. Jobs are efficiently parallelized across hundreds of workers.

Our APIs

Explore some of our flagship APIs or partner with Infinity to get a custom one. Anything in the generator - from the digital wardrobe to camera location - can be exposed as a controllable API parameter.


Make synthetic data your competitive edge

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